Timberline Tool Lines

Timberline Fire Hose Shut-Off Tools are the tool of choice for firefighters serious about performance and safety. We meet your needs by offering a lightweight and durable tool that is designed to act fast and effectively in any of your firefighting jobs.

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Here to help take the stress out of your job, our squeeze off tools get to the root of the problem immediately, saving you operating costs through reduced shut-off time on the leak and peace of mind knowing your squeeze tool and operator are getting the job done right in a safe manner.

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top reach tool line

TopReach tools are designed to the highest specifications to meet the need for keyhole repair and replacement situations. Operate your squeeze with control during keyhole squeeze off with ease and flexibility.  Choose from a variety of tools to meet all your pipe size needs when it comes to repair and replacement of water and gas pipe.

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When you encounter a “blowing gas situation”, or just need to repair a gouge or faulty butt joint on your PE pipe, count on Timberline to solve your problem. Timberline’s new PE Repair Tools quickly and safely controls the situation and repairs your PE Pipe. Save time and money by allowing you to apply a patch around the PE pipe from above the trench.

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