• Repairs all types of polyethylene (PE) pipe
  • Solves emergency PE pipe repair problems due to third party damage, etc.
  • Repairs scrapes, nicks, gouges, punctures and faulty butt fusion joints
  • Stops gas leak immediately when tool is closed over the damaged pipe
  • Permanent, external repair (thermo chemical bond) for damaged PE pipe.
  • Requires minimal pipe preparation; installs over dirt and oxidized PE pipe
  • Mechanical tool with curved jaws applies a thermo-chemical PE patch
  • Curved patch fits over the pipe & completely encapsulates the leaking pipe segment.
  • No need to shut-off the flow of gas
  • Smaller excavations required
  • Requires less repair time
  • No loss of service to customer
  • Works in keyhole and in-trench operations (Timberline Tool standard technology)
  • Substantial cost savings over traditional repair methods
  • Standard Equipment
    • Grounding rod with 10 ft. (3m) copper cable
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