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Atmos Energy

Atmos Energy is one of the largest natural-gas-only distributors in the United States. Their regulated distribution operations deliver natural gas to 3.2 million residential, commercial,

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Atlanta Gas Light

Atlanta Gas Light installed Atlanta’s first gas streetlights in 1856. Ever since, they’ve been a constant source of safe and clean energy and a constant

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National Grid US

National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. They play a vital role

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Gas Technology Institute

GTI is a not-for-profit Research and Development organization. They have been the leader in the development and deployment of technology solutions that contribute to a

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WE Energies

We Energies provides electric service to customers in portions of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They also serve natural gas customers in Wisconsin and steam

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Founded in 1889, Avista engages in energy production, transmission and distribution, as well as other energy-rated activities. They serve their customers with a mix of

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NW Natural

NW Natural buys natural gas from suppliers in the Western U.S. and Canada and distributes it to residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout their service

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Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas Corporation is in the business of purchasing, distributing and transporting natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in the southwestern US. They

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