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Timberline Tools Featured News about TopSide, TopReach, Expert, Fire Tools, and Tracer Wire Tools. Quality in tool companies, earned by becoming the leader in ff1, ffv2, tc1, tc1-s, and tracer wire connection solutions for Natural Gas, Water, tracer wire, and canvas fire hose.

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When you are looking to reduce your operating costs by saving time and money; and want the highest quality, longest lasting PE pipe squeeze tool on the market the obvious choice is Timberline’s TopSide squeeze tool.

When you perform a bubble tight squeeze off of your PE pipe with Timberline’s TopReach line of tools, you can work in confined spaces, in “keyhole” situations and stay out of the trench in conventional operations.

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Our fire hose clamp are a staple in the fire fighting industry and are made to perform under pressure. Shut off a fully pressurized canvas fire hose in seconds – safely and reliably.

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EXPERT stands for external pe pipe repair and is a revolutionary new squeeze tool process that repairs PE Pipe.

This technology will be available soon and features our TopReach squeeze tool technology for permanently repairing damaged or defective 3” – 6” (90mm – 180mm) PE pipe.