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For over 25 years, the companies that power and supply the world’s infrastructure along with protecting society have relied on Timberline Tool for their emergency repair needs. Through manufacturing, technology, and innovation, we provide reliable tools that create lasting value to the businesses we partner with.

Timberline Tool designs and manufactures tools for national and international companies that are involved in the utility and firefighting industries as well as military applications. Our engineering design and adherence to strict quality standards for more than a decade has earned us the reputation for being the industry leader in innovative tool technology for maintenance and repair operating procedures within the natural gas, water, and firefighting industries. Our tools are designed by industry professionals in response to industry needs. We are committed to the premise that every tool branded with the Timberline Tool logo is manufactured to the highest standards, of superior quality and are Safe, Reliable, and Cost Effective.


Timberline Tool will provide on-time products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

Superior Materials

Timberline Tools commitment to working with suppliers that offer superior materials.

A commitment to working with suppliers that offer high-strength raw materials in all components we manufacture ensures robust and durable products for every customer order.

Engineering and Design

Timberline Tool R&D and Operations engineering and design teams working side-by-side with customers.

R&D and Operations design teams use latest industry standards and work side-by-side with customers, partnering on new technology and process improvement initiatives.

State of the Art Manufacturing

Timberline Tool state of the art manufacturing processes that boost efficiency.

Utilisation of lean manufacturing processes that boost efficiency and deliver great results to meet customer’s service and quality needs.

CNC Machined Components

Timberline Tool Latest CNC equipment and technology.

Latest CNC equipment and technology to deliver precise measurements and ensure products are built to ASTM standards.

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