Fire Tools

Our fire hose clamp are a staple in the fire fighting industry and are made to perform under pressure. Shut off a fully pressurized canvas fire hose in seconds – safely and reliably.


Josh says:

we are instresting in it
how much is it?

Daniel Gómez says:

Good afternoon!

I´m sending this message in order to know if you have the following products in stock and what chance do I have to bring them to Miami, let me know about the all details (In the case if you don´t have it please offer as soon as possible!)

*Impa Code: 330804; Hose Nozzle Copper Nakajima; Interlock-connect 65x20x500mm.

*Impa Code: 330803; Hose Nozzle Copper Nakajima; Interlock-connect 50x20x450mm.

*Impa Code: (Unknown); Nakajimas Type Hydrant Closed Coupling 50mm (For deck)

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Lcdo. Daniel Gómez


Av. Bolivar C.C. Inversiones Madefer Piso 1 Oficina 3
Puerto Cabello – Edo. Carabobo. Venezuela
Tel. Office 1. +58 242 3619138
Tel. Oficce 2. +58 0412 6780635
Email: [email protected]

GMT -4

Latif Imeri says:


Initially, we need to:
Fire Hose Clamp FF1-S ……… 3 pcs – samples
Please send us Pro Invoice

Thank you

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