Press Releases

We will be exhibiting at the following trade shows and conferences.

  • Southern Gas Association, Columbia SC, March 14-15
  • Kentucky Gas Association, Lexington KY, March 29-30
  • Ohio Gas Association, Columbus OH, March 31 – April 1
  • EGW Utilities Expo, Dallas TX, May 5-6
  • Southern Gas Association, Houston TX, July 25-27
  • Midwest Gas Association, Milwaukee WI, August 9-11
  • Western Regional Gas Conference, Tempe AZ, August 23-24
  • National Gas Rodeo, Denver CO, August 25-27
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Do you have an old style Timberline Squeeze tool with the curved links?

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering trade in value on old squeeze tools. We can reuse the metal, recycle the materials, and make your outdated and well used squeeze tool brand new! Call us at 800.735.6845 or send us an email for more details.

We support recycling and will take any squeeze tool back in any condition. If you send it back we can use it!

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Timberline Tool recently tested their FF1 Firefighter’s fire hose clamp in Missoula MT to insure that it held fast when clamped onto a hose pressurized to 300 psi. Our fire hose clamps have been a staple in the firefighting industry for many years. Watch the videos of our fire hose clamp below.